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Virtual Trade Show 2020

Welcome to the Lantech Virtual Trade show!

With all of the travel restrictions and need for social distancing we’re excited to offer you the opportunity to browse through some of our most popular case machines, stretch machines and options from the comfort and safety of your computer or mobile device.  Please take a tour and let us know if you have any questions or would like additional information.

Free Resources

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How much containment force do you need?

Containment force is what holds a load together during shipment. It is the best indicator that your load will make it to its destination safely. Different loads require different amounts of containment force. Lean how much your loads need.

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Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper Buying Guide

Finally, straight talk about the key decisions around buying a semi-automatic stretch wrapper collected in one compact, easy to read guide. Make good decisions and get the right wrapper.

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Automatic Stretch Wrapper Buying Guide

Real world tips on how to pick the best machine for you. Understand the issues and opportunities associated with owning and operating high speed stretch wrappers.

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Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Loads that ship with the right amount of containment force, are locked to the pallet with a film cable and have no long or dragging film tails have the highest probability of arriving safely at their destinations.  Our Q Series of Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers do just that.  Plus, every Lantech semi-automatic stretch wrapper is built with Safety, Reliability & Durability, Ease of Use, Support and Productivity in mind.

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Automatic Stretch Wrappers

LeanWrap® technology is available on Lantech's high performance stretch wrappers. Lantech offers a variety of machines to choose from, capable of wrapping up to 180 loads per hour. Maximize productivity, steady film costs and wrap safe-to-ship loads every time.  

LeanWrap® is more than a series of machine features. It is a philosophy based on going to the place where the work is done and getting a first-hand understanding of the problems confronting our customers, and then finding solutions. It is the cornerstone of how we create value for our customers.

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Case Erectors

Square Cases Pack Better, Stack Better & Ship Better
Lantech case erectors make square cases. From the moment a blank enters the magazine until it exits the case erector as a properly formed and bottom sealed case, it is under complete control. A unique pickup frame pulls the case from the magazine and forces it to open so it is square. The flaps are folded before the case moves, making it rigid and locking in its “squareness.” A pusher bar, parallel to the rear wall, delivers it to spring-loaded side belts, which move in or out to compensate for variations in width, and carry it over the sealing device.

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Case Sealers

How Lantech Case Sealers Make Square Cases
Controlling the case throughout the sealing process is the secret to keeping the case square. Lantech case sealers establish control immediately when the case enters the machine into spring loaded side belts.

Our 2 stage flap folding system ensures the leading top flap folds at the score line. Stage 2 folds the flap perpendicular to the case so the top side flaps will be horizontal when they are closed.

The trailing top flap is precisely folded, where after the long flap folding system folds the top side flaps and hold them down to be sealed in that position. Lantech case sealers preserve the effort and investment you have made in erecting a case properly.

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